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Vera Winner - curator of GSR
Curator of GSR
Are you happy with your life? Ask yourself this question and be as honest with yourself as possible. Earlier, asking this question, I was feeling uneasy. I read many books, attended lectures, courses, trainings, immersed myself in numerous practices ... Believe me, I tried a lot of different things in search of a key to more. I invested SO much in myself, time and money in self-development, in discovering of myself and my human capabilities, but of all this brought only short-term results, or no results whatsoever. It was painful to realize this fact. My active/curious/sharp mind was haunted. I have always known and believed that there is a fast, effective and long-term way. Two and a half years ago, I joined GSR. GSR is a method that will change your life, as it happened to me. If I ask myself the question whether I am satisfied with my life now, I can say yes with great assurance, and I know that this is just the beginning. And I invite you on this journey to find yourself and your capabilities.
Opportunities don't come along by themselves –
You create them!
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says: „I might!"
(Impossible - I'm possible)
It is a modern self-development technique. GSR works both with conscious processes and completely unconscious ones. The peculiarity of this technique is its versatility
GSR is a deep development system that reveals all subconscious connections, unravelling like a labyrinth that leads us astray. A person has a lot of mechanisms that work, redirecting to fears, suffering, exclusion, loneliness, defeat, limitation, dependence, discontent, etc. All of this has a basis, namely our family, the destinies of our ancestors, each of which contributed or damaged our system into which we were born. It is all possible to fix, change, transform, redirect, strengthen, expand ... Once it became possible for me.
I have solved absolutely all of my problems in just three years of my development within the GSR framework, sky is the limit for me. My life has turned into a constant movement in opportunities for maximum pleasure and enjoyment. My income increased 10 times, I found a profession with a possibility to work on-line from anywhere in the world, discovered a lot of new countries, improved relationships with loved ones almost ideally, achieved a huge number of goals. And most importantly, my dream came true - I can open myself, expand my consciousness greatly, learn human strength deeper and deeper, I learn to reveal it more and more and more in reality, and not in thoughts. It's just awesome!
GSR's areas of activities
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    Severe condition - PROBLEM
    A critical condition (problem) - it is felt inside as a complete failure, block, impossibility, resentment, pain, disappointment. It is very important here to go first with the right steps into an even state and then step by step into a source. Such work takes you out of the "impossible"
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    Smooth condition - ADEQUATIZATION
    A smooth condition (adequacy) - this refers to a clearer and more accurate perception of a person or situation, goal, desire. Such work allows us to keep in life only that, which appropriately leads us into a construct and it is not a fantasy, compensation or drainage
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    Active condition - RESOURCE
    An active condition (resource) is the recognition, detection, acceptance and direction of internal strength, which often manifests itself as anger, aggression, resistance, or vice versa, active standing on the ground, such an internal chaos and explosion, not very calm inside. Such work allows you to start your driving force, remove the handbrake (barriers) and step on the gas, but stronger.
I am not the result of circumstances. I am the result of my own decisions
This is just a small part of the stories of real people who were able to radically change their lives.
Individual work via Skype - 1.5 hours
Programmes of accompanying courses
My achievements as a GSR specialist are described in my clients cases, and each of you can start your own way by getting to know the method, mastering the technique, building a strategy with me, achieving cool results. And so you can remain a client, or can take it as a professional path by becoming a specialist. The choice is always yours! Listen to yourself, feel your worth and present it to the world - I will show you this way! It's time to act and to actually change your life in reality!
Vera Winner
Curator GSR
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